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Davis Technologies

TC-3-SL Traction Control Module with Self Learning

TC-3-SL Traction Control Module with Self Learning

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Davis Technologies TC-3-SL Traction Control Module with Self Learning

Key Benefits:

  • Self Learning- Automatically Adjust To Changing Conditions
  • Lower E.T. / More Consistent
  • Extremely Fast-Reacts Within 1/32 Of A Turn Of The Driveshaft
  • Progressive Retard Output- EFI Specific Outputs & 0-5 volt Output
  • Built In Data Recording
  • Compatible w/ Most EFI Systems
  • Compatible w/ Most Data Systems
  • Compact size- 1.3″ x 1.3″ x 4.5″    (5oz.)
  • Can Easily Be Moved To Other Chassis
  • Online Upgradeable

The TC3-SL is our most affordable Self-Learning Traction Control system. By monitoring the average rate of acceleration of the drive shaft, and reacting to any sudden increases in that rate.  the TC3-SL will automatically adjust to changing conditions, keeping the internal settings at optimal levels.  The user can adjust the overall sensitivity of unit to achieve the desired results.

The TC3-SL is designed for the budget minded racer who wants the same advanced Self-Learning technology used by top race teams around the world, but does not need all of the advanced tuning features of a TC3-SL .

The TC3-SL is compatible with most drag racing ignitions systems and timing accessories in use today. It is also compatible with most EFI systems.

These units are perfect for racers looking for the unmatched precision of our Self-Learning units to get more aggressive with their tune ups, or just a little help on the gear change, or when a stage of nitrous or boost comes in.

The TC3-SL is a great way to get the advantages of a Self-Learning unit, without having to buy the top of the line TC3-SL-PRO unit.  The TC3-SL unit can be upgraded to at any time to the more advanced TC3-SL-PRO unit for the price difference.

Self-Learning units like the TC3-SL or TC3-SL-PRO automatically adjust to the continually changing conditions as you go down the track.

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