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GM 245mm Pro Series PG/350/400 Torque Converter

GM 245mm Pro Series PG/350/400 Torque Converter

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GM 245mm Pro Series PG/350/400 Torque Converter

These Pro Series 245mm billet torque converters are ideally suited Street, Street/Strip, & Sportsman Drag Racing applications using a Powerglide, TH350, or TH400 transmission with or without transbrake.  The versatile 245mm core offers great strength along with a wide range of stall speed options making these converters suitable for use with everything from naturally aspirated engines to mild power adder engines producing anywhere from 300 horsepower to upwards of 800 horsepower.  Build features & options on these converters include: 

  •  CNC-machined billet steel drive cover
  • Screw-on pilot (universal bolt pattern option) allows adjustability for use with early GM pilot length as well as LS / Gen-V LT pilot length
  • Multiple bolt patterns available
  • 2,800 - 5,000+ RPM stall speed options
  • Fully furnace brazed impeller & turbine assemblies
  • TIG welding reinforcement of impeller & turbine fins in high stress areas
  • Roller bearings on both sides of the stator
  • Custom HD deep groove ball bearing turbine support
  • Billet steel pump hub
  • Billet steel turbine hub
  • Anti-ballooning plate


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