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Fuel Injector Development

FID 850cc/min (80 lb/hr) Fuel Injectors

FID 850cc/min (80 lb/hr) Fuel Injectors

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FID 850cc/min (80 lb/hr) Fuel Injectors

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use
  • Ev14 High Impedance Fuel Injector
  • Matched within +/- 1% static flow and +/-1.5% dynamically giving great cylinder to cylinder consistency and amazing idle quality.
  • Compatible with all fuels including gasoline, ethanol, and methanol.
  • Ev1 Connector.

FID will also provide a sheet includes static flow of the injectors, dead time charting, and important instructions.

With each set of injectors you will receive:

  • top hats
  • injector clips (pigtails normally but we can send clips and pins if you prefer)
  • appropriate seals
  • FID stickers.
  • Most orders ship same day.
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