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400 "Tree Killer" Transbrake Valve Body (1+2)

400 "Tree Killer" Transbrake Valve Body (1+2)

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TH400 "Tree Killer" Transbrake Valvebody 1+2

Transbrake Hot in 1st and 2nd
Transbrake Required to Reverse



  • Made in the USA
  • Completely New Design
  • .000 Reaction Time (Fastest on the Planet!)
  • EA "Tree Killer" Billet Solenoid
  • 3 Valve Bodies in 1 by simply changing manual valves!
  • Pattern Can be Changed after the Purchase. No Need to buy a New Valve Body.

Option 1: Stock Manual Valve - Reverse Pattern 1st and 2nd Gear Leaver ($0)

Option 2: Clean Neutral Manual Valve P-N-1-2-3-SN Shift Pattern (Can Only Be Used With an Aluminum Direct Drum +$50)

Option 3: Powerglide Forward Pattern (Transmission Will Operate as a 2 Speed and Work With a Powerglide Shifter +$50)


  • Transbrake Valve Body and Spacer Plate
  • Reverse Servo Return Spring
  • Direct Drum Return Springs
  • Bolts
  • Billet Filter Spacer
  • Billet Modulator Plug
  • Single Prong Case Connector
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